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Make Your Own DIY Rings

diy rings

I love rings. I love all kinds of rings. I saw a ring design and just decided to try to make it myself. I’m not terribly crafty but these were really easy to make and really inexpensive. My daughters helped me out too and we made several DIY Rings.

These would be great presents too…Mother’s Day, Birthdays, etc.

DIY Rings

All of the materials can be picked up at a craft store like Michaels or JoAnns.

diy rings

I purchased a cheap ring sizer, silver jewelry wire and beads for the center stone. As far as the wire, you can get your preference for size but just make sure that it will fit through your bead.

To start out, cut a piece of the wire (depending on size of the ring and your design, you’ll have to play with how long you cut. Start out with a longer piece, you can always cut off the extra. Maybe start with 12-18″. You might also want to pick up a jewelry wire cutter if you don’t already have one).

String the wire through one of your beads, centering the bead in the middle.

Put the bead and the wire around your ring sizer on the size ring that you’re making. This helps shape the ring but then obviously makes it the right size.

diy rings

Then just keep wrapping the wire around the bead creating your design.

There are a lot of different ways you can make these rings. Each one will probably turn out different as you can see by the 3 in the picture at the top. I love the birds nest type design the best I think.

Then just trim off any excess wire and tuck in the ends into your design. I used a silver polishing cloth to wipe off the rings when they were finished…otherwise, depending on the wire you use, they can leave black marks on your fingers. ;)

These are so easy and great to make ahead and have on hand for those last minute gifts.

Have fun making these DIY Rings!



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