Posted July 3, 2013 by Dawn Wells in Entertainment

Delivery Man Movie Trailer With A Side of BBQ

Delivery Man Movie
Delivery Man Movie

Delivery Man Movie

Delivery Man Movie

Vince Vaughn stars in Delivery Man as the alleged father of 533 children.  Can you even imagine?!  Rated PG-13, it would make for a great date night movie!  Not one for the kiddos!  Keeping with the theme of the movie and 4th of July barbecues, the above photo prepares us for quite the crowd – if we were Vince Vaughn!  I have 4 children – I love them so much but I am pretttty sure I don’t have room for 529 more at my house!!

Check out the Delivery Man movie trailer:


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Vince Vaughn’s DELIVERY MAN Movie releases in theaters on November 22nd!


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